July 16, 2020

The headlines from numerous news sources and tabloids have ranged from ridiculous to hilarious., the top news site in Australia, wrote in a subheading below the headline of their July 16 article, “[A]fter NASA found a 13th star sign, the entire zodiac chart was thrown out of whack.” The Daily Express in the UK wrote in its July 16 headline, “NASA changes ENTIRE Zodiac forecast.” The U.S. Sun wrote in its July 13 headline, “STARS HAVE REALIGNED As Nasa creates a new star sign you might not be who you thought.”

There are two problems with all these headlines. First, this most certainly is not “breaking news” as all these websites are insinuating. Secondly, NASA does not have the power to change zodiac signs. All of the hoopla stems from a NASA blog post first published in 2011, according to internet archives. The post itself (as of publishing) says it was last updated in January 2016. But judging by social media reactions to the recycled NASA article, many astrology adherents believe this is a new discovery.


Everyone can relax. If you were a Sagittarius yesterday, you’re still a Sagittarius. If you were a Taurus in 1970, you’re a Taurus in 2020.

The NASA article

The 2011 NASA article that is being touted as breaking news was published to teach elementary school children the difference between astrology and astronomy. Furthermore, the second paragraph of the article provides a partial thesis statement for the entire article: “[Astrology] is not science.” Thus the intended audience is not astrologers and astrology adherents who plan their lives and make important decisions based on the stars. The article is purely for elementary education.

Most of the fuss is about the constellation Ophiuchus. NASA poined out that ancient Babylonian texts speak of 13 constellations. But the zodiac looked nice, neat and clean with 12 evenly-divided time intervals that corresponded with the babylonian 12-month calendar. NASA said the Babylonians arbitrarily selected Ophiuchus as the sign that didn’t make the cut. If all 13 zodiac signs were included in the traditional model, Ophiuchus would span from November 29 to December 17. All the other zodiac signs would have shorter time intervals, meaning some former Pisces would now be Aquarius, etc.

Most of the recent news and tabloid stories were correct when mentioning NASA’s past acknowledgements of “axial precession,” the wobbling movement of Earth as it rotates. Stars thus appear to be in slightly different positions than they were a year ago and/or even a century ago. But several articles also said NASA created Ophiuchus out of thin air. That statement is patently false.

Your star sign remains the same

Constellations have in fact shifted and moved over the millennia. That is an interesting and perhaps groundbreaking phenomenon for astronomers. Western astrology, however, tracks the sun’s apparent path as observed from Earth. Astrologers have identified static zones to track planetary motion. Zodiac signs stay the same because the static zone stay the same despite all the star shifting.

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