March 5, 2020

A Renaissance man is someone like MacGyver to many people. He was a bomb technician in the U.S. Army who became an agent for a fictional “Department of External Services.” MacGyver utilized a deep understanding of the physical sciences and uncanny resourcefulness to solve complex problems. All he needed was his trusty Swiss Army knife and duct tape to save the day.

In reality, MacGyver epitomized the concept of “fake it until you make it.” He was a jack of all trades. But the full phrase is “jack of all trades, master of nothing.” A Renaissance Man is something entirely different. He is competent in multiple complementary fields.

The term “Renaissance Man” comes from the Renaissance Era of Europe in the 14th to 16th centuries. William Shakespeare and Leonardo Da Vinci are two of the most famous names from the era. Da Vinci is best known for his paintings and sculptures. But he was also a mathematician, botanist and inventor who made flying machine prototypes.

The Harlem Renaissance was highly influential on American culture both then and now. W.E.B. Dubois and Marcus Garvey were intellectuals who led the spiritual transformation for millions of African Americans in the 1920s. Meanwhile Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong turned jazz and blues into mainstream fixtures of American culture and history.

Renaissance men are transformative figures who rely on more than just the physical world for inspiration and motivation. Galileo Galilei produced astrological charts for his rich clients. They used the information to guide them on their journeys towards wealth, power and happiness. Tycho Brahe used his power during the 16th century to publicly admonish anyone who viewed astrology as fake or pseudoscience.

Astrology is a necessary practice for modern Renaissance men.

Astrological mode of thinking

You probably know someone who reads their horoscopes daily. Many of said individuals falsely believe their astrological signs predict the future. Men create their own success, create their own well-being.

Astrology is a scientific mode of thinking. It provides guidance to take actions and make decision based on planetary alignment and other empirical signs from the universe. There are logical, testable elements of astrology that have proven time and again to be accurate. Astrology cannot fix your life. It can, however, lead you based on indisputable scientific patterns.

Essence of life

People born during certain months and even weeks have specific, natural proficiencies and talents. You carried these abilities into the world when you came out of the womb. It’s your responsibility to understand your innate talents and predispositions, and nurture them.

Pisces, for instance, are known for their intuition and instincts. Tauruses are known for their practicality and patience.

Planetary patterns

Some people are happier in the summer months when there is sunshine 14-plus hours per day. Others like Seattle-type weather in the winter where you’re lucky to see five hours of sunshine on any given day for months at a time.

Planetary alignment influences moods differently for different signs. Your astrological chart roadmaps these issues. Knowing in advance that your personality is for a given time period allows you to adjust and act accordingly.

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