Month: May 2020

5 Characteristics of a True Alpha Man May 31, 2020 A 2014 Psychology Today article questioned whether alpha males were myths or reality. The author, a female psychologist, listed three traits that indicate social dominance for men. Height was the first one. She cited studies that showed taller men have more leadership roles and are very popular online dating targets. Deep ….  Read More

Lowering testosterone levels is promoted to protect men from COVID-19 May 10, 2020 We’ve written about the ongoing war on men previously when we discussed the psychological fallacy known as “toxic masculinity.” The American Psychological Association is not only discouraging healthy heterosexual relationships between men and women, but is also insinuating that masculinity is a disorder. They use words like “heteronormative” and “traditional masculinity” ….  Read More

Toxic positivity means living in denial May 9, 2020 A scene from the 1989 romantic comedy “When Harry Met Sally” showed how toxic positivity can be detrimental in relationships. Harry had just seen his ex-wife with another man and was very distraught. Sally, his female friend and confidant, tried comforting him with her trademark cheekiness that is made more effective ….  Read More

Finding opportunities during the coronavirus pandemic May 1, 2020 States are beginning to reopen their economies and restore some semblance of normalcy to society. But men are feeling the economic pinch, consumed with anxiety and uncertainty. The U.S. unemployment rate is expected to hit 15% or more when numbers are released next week, according to MarketWatch. These are unprecedented numbers ….  Read More