May 31, 2020

A 2014 Psychology Today article questioned whether alpha males were myths or reality. The author, a female psychologist, listed three traits that indicate social dominance for men. Height was the first one. She cited studies that showed taller men have more leadership roles and are very popular online dating targets. Deep voices and facial features (e.g. heavy brow) were the other two traits. These features indicate “elevated levels of T,” which presumably refers to testosterone.

Alpha men are also commonly defined by obsolete studies. Dr. David Mech studied captive wolves in the 1970s. Male wolves fought one another, sometimes to the death, to claim leadership of the pack. Dr. Mech repeated the study in the 1990s, this time with wolves in their natural environments. No violence was observed among male wolves competing for pack dominance. The previous study is still cited by scientists, commentators and others despite Mech declaring the 1970s research obsolete.

The alpha male is not a womanizing, violent bully as media and academia portray. Granted alpha men typically have masculine physical features. But alpha refers to mid-level brain wave frequencies. Alpha brain waves represent balance, the ego-go every man possesses. They represent physical and mental relaxation. Men are able to better understand and execute their innate roles and functions in life as a result.

These five characteristics define alpha men.


Men with resources have always been attractive to women. The most popular men in prehistoric times were those able to wrestle and kill large animals with his bare hands and intuition. Women flocked to these men because they could feed them meat.

Alpha men take care of themselves and loved ones. They enjoy autonomy. Statements like men “must have own place and car” are common on women’s online dating profiles. This indicates that women are frequently and unwillingly playing the provider in relationships. A responsible man is an attractive man.


Women are more independent in 2020 versus 1950. But one constant remains. Women want to feel safe around their man.

Dating service It’s Just Lunch surveyed 1,600 men and women in 2012. Spokesperson Irene LaCota said in a press release that the results indicate women are hard-wired to seek protectors. Psychologist Marquita Williams agreed, saying that women seek protectors due to environmental and genetic dispositions.


Adult men have two critical roles in life – husband and father. That doesn’t mean men are required to be married with children. It means they display selflessness towards female companion and those unable to care for themselves. They encourage women to pursue goals and help them facilitate their personal development and ambitions. Alpha men are also the favorite uncle in the family because of his heavy involvement with nieces and nephews.


The coronavirus pandemic is testing the mettle of men across the country. Millions have lost their jobs and livelihoods. Alpha men are resourceful and able to adjust on the fly. He lost his job because of the pandemic. But he understands his responsibilities in life and finds ways to fulfill them. His woman always feels taken care of and stable as a result.


Corporate CEOs, professional athletes and doctors are confident because of high salaries and social status. A garbage man is equally confident because he goes home to a beautiful woman. He created his life (house, wife, career) and maintains it within his means and abilities. All men cannot be kings. But they can be the best version of themselves. Confidence is natural in men who stay hungry throughout life.

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