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Gym Closed? 5 exercises you can do from home without equipment August 4, 2020 Strong minds and strong bodies set men up for maximum success and prosperity. Mindset training can be done from anywhere. Many men use their local gyms to keep their bodies in shape. Unfortunately there are many jurisdictions where gyms are shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly all of California. ….  Read More

Floyd Mayweather unorthodox training patterns lead to neuroplasticity July 5, 2020 Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s resume speaks for itself. He retired from professional boxing in 2017 with a 50-0 record. His final victory was by TKO over UFC boxer and mixed martial artist Connor McGregor. Mayweather’s victory over undefeated wrecking ball Diego Corrales on January 20, 2001 was perhaps his greatest victory. Many ….  Read More

War on men: NFL, NBA are completely different games in 2020 June 18, 2020 A quick Twitter search of the term “toxic masculinity” turns up both disturbing and revealing posts as to the 21st century war against men. Several memes with men in dresses and makeup come up immediately. It is called toxic masculinity if you do not embrace and encourage this lifestyle. Michael Kehler, ….  Read More

Mike Tyson: From Egoless to Ego-Go June 1, 2020 The word “ego” traces back to the early 19th century. It translates to “I” in Latin, meaning the self. Of course “I” is a personal pronoun in English, referring to one’s self. Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud expanded on the concept of ego with his 1920s personality theories. He posited that the ….  Read More

Sports memes disrespect hard-working, disciplined athletes January 31, 2020 ESPN is one of the most valuable television networks in the world. Forbes estimated ESPN’s net worth was $40 billion in 2012, and $51 billion last year. It’s 2014 revenues were $4.5 billion. To put that in perspective, CBS, the top broadcast network in the USA, earned $1.6 billion that same ….  Read More