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New Year’s Day: Start Celebrating On October 1 September 16, 2020 December 31 is traditionally a day of excess indulgence in the Western world. Kids love staying up late, while adults try their best to make it to midnight after long days of drinking. January 1 marks the New Year, the time for renewal, resetting and reflection. The first New Year’s Eve ….  Read More

Suicide rates among men increasing globally September 1, 2020 Men have endured the pressure of being provider, protector and patriarch for centuries. The world was set up for men to work 40-plus hour per week jobs at warehouses, factories and office buildings just three decades ago. Men made enough money to take care of their families and have a feeling ….  Read More

Leadership vs. Popularity on the alpha frequency August 26, 2020 Young Millennial and Generation Z boys face unprecedented challenges. These young men live their entire lives on virtual platforms, communicate digitally, and are made to question their masculinity due to the ongoing war on men. Generation X and Baby Boomer boys gained popularity in school with good looks, athletic prowess and/or ….  Read More

Boys To Men: Traditional rites of passage in tribal culture August 11, 2020 Most American boys prior to the turn of the millennium got the same lecture from their fathers in some form or fashion. A bully was picking on them at school and they came home crying. Dad told them to punch the bully in the nose. No matter what happened from that ….  Read More

Lev Vygotsky: brief history on the father of self-talk July 28, 2020 Soviet revolutionary and politician Leon Trotsky was staunchly anti-capitalist. He believed social classes cause perpetual struggle. His goal was to end such divisions with Marxist principles. He believed social classes inhibited conscious connection and turned people into servants of materialism. His views on the foregoing, which he called “reshaping of man” ….  Read More

J. Ivy: “Fear kills dreams” July 27, 2020 One of the most common reasons people don’t start their own businesses is fear of failure. Data compiled by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor in 2018 found that 33% of Americans were fearful of starting a business. The fear of leaving a stable 9-5 job with benefits prevents millions of men from ….  Read More

COVID-19: The “new normal” is conscious command July 21, 2020 It took the coronavirus pandemic a while to sink in for many men. The first wake-up calls came in March when the NBA postponed its season indefinitely. The NCAA cancelled March Madness entirely, sending shock waves through the sports and gambling industries. Individual lives and well-beings started feeling the effects too ….  Read More

Instant gratification, shortcut culture curtails personal development July 14, 2020 The best Italian chefs in the world say that a good Sunday gravy (aka spaghetti sauce) takes at least five hours of simmering to maximize flavor. Ragu and Prego are the choices for the impatient and hurried. Close friends living in different cities or states used to sit down and hand-write ….  Read More

Re-training the brain, creating new habits a matter of repetition July 7, 2020 Theories as to how long it takes to form new habits and change mindsets have been around for decades. Plastic surgeon Dr. Maxwell Maltz said in the 1950s that it typically took patients 21 days to get used to their new noses after rhinoplasty. The same time frame was noticed when ….  Read More

Positive Self-Talk facilitates conscious command June 14, 2020 Writers are perhaps the most eccentric people in newsrooms, film studios and marketing agencies. Those who have worked in said industries know it’s quite common to see writers reading their own work out loud. Some view this as strange behavior. But every writer is taught in journalism or English school to ….  Read More