October 20, 2020

Dr. Ran Anbar was fresh out of high school when he applied to Stanford University in 1975. It was his first choice and goal to graduate from the very prestigious university. His application was rejected. The University of California San Diego accepted him on the same day. Dr. Anbar discovered that making the most of what you have is the best philosophy in life. He’s applied that tenet to his work as a pediatric physician.

One patient had such severe milk allergies that they would have asthma attacks from the smell of cheeseburgers. Dr. Anbar told the patient to imagine eating a cheeseburger. The patient immediately had difficulty breathing and starting gagging. At that moment, Dr. Anbar discovered that patients can not only think themselves to sickness, but also think themselves to health. His philosophy of self-hypnosis is a specialized form of positive self-talk.

Traditional U.S. medicine has long frowned upon any and all treatment options that allow patients to control their health and well-being. A 2019 study published in the Journal of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine went as far to suggest that positive thinking is unethical in the realm of healthcare. Every man has an Internal Monologue System (IMS) that determines his state of consciousness. Constant negative self-talk breeds negativity. A positive mindset focused on strengths, goals and good health begets vibrational progression.

The evidence is clear. Positive self-talk heals mental and physical wounds. It is a foundational principle of most successful men. Science continually affirms the power of positivity.

Common cold susceptibility

A 2003 study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine hypothesized that negative emotions and thoughts increase the risk of catching common colds. Researchers recruited 334 volunteers from ages 18 to 54. Each subject was given a psychological evaluation to determine their predispositions to positive emotions (relaxation, smiling, etc.) and negative emotions (stress, anxiety, etc.). All of them were subsequently given nasal drops containing rhinoviruses that causes common colds.  They were all quarantined.

The “positive emotional style” group showed a lower risk of developing colds than the “negative emotional style” group. The negative group was also more likely to report other independent symptoms of sickness than the positive group. Researchers concluded that positive emotions did in fact increase resistance to disease.

The same researchers followed-up the study in 2006 with influenza viruses instead of cold viruses. The positive group, again, exhibited higher resistance to infection.

Childhood “habit coughing”

Tic coughs, also known as psychogenic coughing, effects an unknown number of children across the globe. Doctors and scientists have paid little attention to the condition because there is no readily-apparent organic cause. Tourette syndrome is the diagnosis for some kids as a result.

A 2004 study published in the Journal of Pediatrics set out to better understand the underlying causes of habit coughing. The subjects suffered from the condition for an average of 13 months. Researchers recruited 56 patients with an average age of 10.7 years. They were given positivity therapy, self-hypnosis.

The results were that 78% (40 of the 51 kids who ultimately participated) immediately stopped coughing after one positivity session. Most of the rest healed themselves within a month.

The true alpha man

There are many things in life we cannot control. COVID-19, subsequent lock downs, and economic downturn cost millions of men their jobs and homes. You did everything right in life, yet still felt the wrath of 2020 and all the strangeness that came with it. The one thing you can always control is your mindset.

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