June 18, 2020

A quick Twitter search of the term “toxic masculinity” turns up both disturbing and revealing posts as to the 21st century war against men. Several memes with men in dresses and makeup come up immediately. It is called toxic masculinity if you do not embrace and encourage this lifestyle. Michael Kehler, a professor “Masculinity Studies,” posited in a recent article that boys are happy for COVID-19 lockdowns because they hate gym class and toxic masculinity. Meanwhile ABC has been on a tear promoting this upcoming season of “The Bachelor” and it’s first black bachelor, Matt James. However several photos have surfaced of James with his alleged “boyfriend.”

This has caused speculation that this season of The Bachelor will have some sort of homosexual undertones.

The war on men has been a sustained, aggressive effort since the turn of the 21st century. A major part of this war is propaganda forwarded by media and education systems. The term “alpha male” has falsely been associated with caged wolves that attacked and killed one another to gain control of the pack. But the scientist that studied those wolves in the 1970s revised his work. He conceded that the captivity of said wolves caused the aggressive behavior. He repeated the study on wolves in their natural habitat and observed no such violent, aggressive behavior. The “alphas” were the leaders, protectors and providers of the pack.

Sports fans over the age of 40 have noticed differences in their favorite games. Men love NFL Sundays because its three hours of their team battling in a simulated war. The NBA was once a grown man’s game that only the strongest, toughest and most resilient survived. Watching those two sports in the 1970s, 1980, and 1990s is far different from today’s editions and part of the overall war against men. And all of it was done deliberately by rule changes.

NBA outlaws physical defense

The difference between the NBA pre-1999 and today is summed up in two videos. The first is one playoff series – 1992 Knicks vs. Bulls. It highlights the flagrant fouls and hard defense played throughout the series.

The second video also highlights flagrant fouls in the NBA, except it’s from the entire 2019-2020 NBA season.

A search for a single playoff series video since 2010 that highlighted all flagrant and hard fouls could not be found. So the full season of flagrant fouls was used instead. Granted there are some hard fouls in the second video. There are also several hard falls that look worse as a result (i.e. Dwight Howard at the beginning of the video didn’t foul hard. It was a hard fall by Derek White).

The video evidence shows how different the NBA is from 1992 to 2019. But the actual rule changes provide the indisputable evidence. All hand checking and forearm checking was outlawed above the free throw line in 1999. Thus point guards and other ball handlers could now dribble up the court unabated, without being touched. Zone defenses, i.e. college defenses, were made legal that year as well. It eliminated man-to-man defense that was a staple in the NBA. The 2000 season further outlawed physical contact in the NBA. It’s still a great game to watch. It’s simply a much different game today than it was pre-1999.

NFL rule changes

Make no mistake about it – NFL games are wars, whether we’re talking 1990 or 2020. But former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson pointed out one of several glaring differences in the NFL beginning in 2004.

Johnson was making an argument for being inducted into the Hall of Fame. He said his numbers were adequate for that, especially since he played in an era of head hunters. Today, “the DB’s cannot even touch you” as Johnson said. And he’s right.

NFL fans got a taste of the “illegal contact” penalty that was first instituted in 2004. Defensive backs could no longer touch a wide receiver passed a certain point. The offense was awarded five yards and a first down for said penalty from that point forward. The NFL added the “Tom Brady Rule” in 2008, protecting quarterbacks from nearly all contact.

Today quarterbacks throw for 4,000 yards routinely as a result of these two rule changes. It makes Dan Marino’s 5,000 yard, 48 touchdown season in 1984 that much more impressive. He did that when Lawrence Taylor or Ronnie Lott could take his head off on a blitz, while his receivers had to literally fight to get free for the catch.

Get back to alpha

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