March 18, 2020

Social media users of all ages have likely seen or heard about the musical genre known as “K-Pop.” The South Korean boy band BTS is the headline group for this genre and extremely popular in Asia. Their shtick revolves around their physical appearances. The seven-member band looks very effeminate and androgynous. They wear lipstick and other heavy makeup on stage. These guys are considered “beta males” to the casual observer.

Photo via Facebook.

Meanwhile mainstream media label President Donald Trump as the consummate alpha male. The Telegraph in the UK wrote in 2017 how President Trump displays alpha male body language, such as a “power handshake.” The Guardian described Trump as the peak of male physical prowess. A Reuters report in 2018 made similar observations. It noted the handshake between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. A 2011 article for Business Insider describes “ultra high value alpha males” as financially well-off, good-looking and high-status.

Neither of these interpretations is the correct. Dictionaries define beta males as subordinate, passive and subservient. Alphas are dominant, professionally successful, and sexually aggressive. Alpha and beta are mental states of mind, not categories for men.

Beta waves for alpha men

The human brain produce enough electricity (about .09 watts) to power an LED light bulb. Brain activity is measured in cycles per seconds or Hertz (Hz). The slowest brain waves are Theta and Delta waves. These are present in sleep states. Gamma waves are the fastest, with frequencies up to 100 Hz. Many scientists, however, do not distinguish Gamma and Beta waves. Thus Beta/Gamma waves are the fastest in the human brain.

Beta waves are activate during normal consciousness. Routine work tasks, watching a movie and surfing the web on your phone is Beta mode. Logical thought and results-oriented tasks are Beta activities. But too much Beta leads to depression and anxiety due to overload and monotony. Beta cannot be the primary wavelength for healthy, successful men.

Alpha brain wave in men

Physical and mental relaxation define alpha mode. You’re not thinking critically or engaged in complex tasks. Listening to your favorite songs, cooking a gourmet meal and reading an engaging book are alpha activities. Your natural instincts and behaviors as human beings and men are active during alpha states.

Alpha brain waves are the second-fastest in frequency. These frequencies create a detached awareness, similar to meditation or doing yoga. Alpha waves represent intuition, particularly when you reach the lower limits around 7.5 Hz. Women seek “alpha males” because they communicate spontaneously, both verbally and with body language. There’s no conscious reasoning involved. The courtship process is natural and enjoyable for both parties. Alphas are natural fathers, husbands and providers.

Corporations seek confident, decisive individuals for upper management. Intuitive thought is easily identified by Human Resources and recruiting staffs. Alpha brain waves are also associated with that “sixth sense.” Great inventions and ideas come during alpha states.

Activate your alpha

The ALPHA by Prodigy Mindset Gym™ is weight training for the brain. Muscle memory is key for basketball players who are exceptional long-range and free-throw shooters. Baseball players train their shoulders, hips and eyes to quickly identify the pitch and act accordingly in unison. ALPHA by Prodigy Mindset™ is a 21-day program that is repeated continually to normalize neuronal oscillation – in this case alpha brain waves.

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