June 2, 2020

Warning: this blog post contains explicit language

Arlen J was born in Texas. He was raised under that proverbial “southern gentleman” guise. Always be polite, say “bless you” when someone sneezes, go to church every Sunday, etc. Granted Arlen still has a relationship with God, albeit different from the childhood version. He’ll always be a gentleman because that’s part of his inherent makeup. But sometimes men just have to say “fuck it” and take control of their shit, particularly communication.

Cursing is considered uncouth, ungentlemanly and unrefined. Its commonly said that people curse because they don’t have the vocabulary to express what they’re trying to say. But words and thoughts are given meaning through the energy we put behind them. Arlen was once guided solely by religion, faith and the word of God. It took years of successes and failures for him to realize there is no such thing as a pure, enlightened man. His evolution led to the “fuck it” stage and the discovery of energy in communications.

Words do not define men. The energy put into those words and into those thoughts are the essence of man. Leaders possess the ability to harness the energy of words and motivate others. Arlen curses today, unlike during his childhood. That cursing, however, represents freedom, represents energy that reinforces self-confidence and conscious command.

Men shouldn’t start swearing every other word to get their points across. What they should do is understand energy in communications and the power of words. The 21st century digitized communication. It also diminished the energy in our words. These two tips help men reclaim communicative energy.

Stop spamming

Human communication has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. Young Millennials and Generation Z cannot fathom the idea of paying $0.25 per minute to make a “long distance call” from Austin to San Antonio. It was cheaper to write a letter and affix a $0.25 stamp on the envelope. It took a few days for the recipient to receive the message. But the time spent writing it and waiting for its arrival represented genuine human communication.

Interpersonal communication in 2020 is energy deficient due to convenience. We take communication for granted. Text messages, social media engagements (“likes”) and memes replaced verbal and face-to-face communication. A 2016 study by market research firm GfK MRI found that 68% of U.S. consumers text more than they talk on their smartphones. That number jumps to 83% for young Millennials and Gen Z.

The human voice radiates energy towards the recipient. That energy personalizes communication. An old letter from a friend in the 1980s also emits energy in the form of nostalgia. Voice communication isn’t the end all, be all. But stop sending shallow text messages and memes to business colleagues and the people you care about. Take the time to write personalized messages via email if phone calls are too inconvenient. Both parties benefit greatly from the exchanges of energy, positive or otherwise.

Text to expedite communication

We live in a digital world dominated by smartphones and social media. Barring a complete collapse of society and a subsequent do-over, the days of landline phones, telegrams and letters are knocking on the door of extinction. The energy from said forms of communication, however, is still significant and vital to genuine human communication.

Text messages should serve the same purpose as pagers (“beepers”) did in the 1990s. Your business colleagues, girlfriend, best friend, etc. called your beeper. It displayed the caller’s phone number on a tiny rectangular screen. That was your queue to call them because there was some pressing issue. Text messages are more sophisticated. They provide a lot more information than just the sender’s identity (phone number). But text messages shouldn’t be a primary form of communication.

Exchanging two or three text messages manifests the energy type and level of that communication. “Pick up a pizza on your way home” followed by “ok” is ideal text communication. Text threads exceeding three messages are better fulfilled via voice communication. Words are easily misunderstood, misspelled and misinterpreted in texts. Important conversations should always be done by phone or in person.

Alpha communications

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