June 6, 2020

Elementary and middle schools teach American children the basics for navigating U.S. social structures. Most can read, write and comprehend literary works at an adequate level by eighth grade. Addition, subtraction and multiplication tables are also regular part of the curriculum.

The 21st century brought the world wide web and internet to the curriculum as well. Pluto is now a dwarf planet, not a real planet as of 2006, giving kids a neat little factoid from science class to share with their parents. Public schools fail, however, when it comes to teaching children about their subconsciousness and the power thereof.

Take back subconsciousness from government and media

A 2010 study by researchers at the University of Michigan and University of Wisconsin revealed a disturbing reality. The study found that children ages 3 to 5 immediately recognized and identified brand logos for McDonald’s and Disney. More surprising, 80% of survey participants identified Toyota; and 53% identified the Shell (oil) logo. Neither of those companies markets directly to children. Thus, children know company brands and logos before they know how to read.

Most American children are raised by the public school system, television and social media. None of said entities teach children about their subconscious and how it ultimately determines their destinies. The tragic and graphic killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin sparked massive and sustained protests across the country. The protests are still happening in several cities as of publishing.

Some protests resulted in property damages, violence and looting. St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter said every person arrested during the first night of unrest was from outside the state of Minnesota. The revelation indicates that local Minneapolis/St. Paul youth were influenced by outside agitators. But the mass protests are also revealing another disturbing phenomenon – a complete lack of subconscious connection in American youth.

Parental commitment to designing the subconscious

The subconscious is perhaps the most powerful force in human behavior. Riding a bike for the first time, playing a new musical instrument and learning a new language all require considerable conscious thought and coordination. Repetitions lead to mastery of these skills – storing them in the subconscious for immediate recall. Some scientists say humans store 100-times the information in an entire Encyclopedia Britannica set in their subconscious by age 21.

Parents are responsible for designing into their children’s subconscious. A 2019 survey by Panda Security found that 40% of parents believe middle school (age 11-12) is the right age for children to get smartphones. Thirty-three percent (33%) said high school is the right age.

But a 2019 survey by Common Sense Media found that those opinions are not representative in real life. Nineteen percent (19%) of 8-year-olds had smartphones; and 41% of the age 8 to 12 group had smartphones. Tik Tok and Snapchat are ingrained into the subconscious before children know what their subconscious is and what it represents.

AGOGE Parents

Parents must unite in their commitments to designing the subconscious of children. Morals and values are instilled in children on a subconscious level early on. Children must understand the unforgiving world we live in and the fortitude necessary to succeed and thrive. Parents are responsible for designing their children’s subconscious and developing a moral compass that guides them through conflict and adversity throughout life.

AGOGE Parents by Prodigy Mindset™ reinforces synergy between parent and child. Seizing consciousness fortifies the subconscious, leaving children with reflexive habits related to commitment, integrity and diligence. This synergy yields for well-balanced children. It also guides parents towards conscious command that is vital for healthy parent-child relationships.

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