July 27, 2020

One of the most common reasons people don’t start their own businesses is fear of failure. Data compiled by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor in 2018 found that 33% of Americans were fearful of starting a business. The fear of leaving a stable 9-5 job with benefits prevents millions of men from pursuing what they’ve always wanted to do. Failure means you may not have that security blanket job waiting for you in the aftermath.

The entrepreneurial spirit is stronger in younger men (Gen Z and Millennials) because they don’t want/need college educations and student loan debt. Regardless, fear does not discriminate based on age. Sir James Dyson, best known for his Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaners, once said, “the key to success is failure. Success is made up of 99 percent failure.” It took him over 5,000 prototypes to perfect his signature invention and propel him to billionaire status. Every successful man has an anecdote or quote summarizing how they overcame fear and became successful. J. Ivy is among those ranks.

The talented poet, songwriter and author appeared in Episode Four of The Cocksure Soul Podcast earlier this month.

He made a profound statement related to aspirations and reaching for your goals. “Dreams don’t come true, they are true,” Ivy said. He was referring to performing with Kanye West and Jay-Z while recording the Grammy Award-winning song “Never Let Me Down” in 2002. Ivy told Billboard in 2014 that he didn’t believe the opportunity was real when producer Coodie (of Coodie and Chike fame) offered him the opportunity. His reaction was, “stop bullshitting.” But the opportunity was real. Ivy performed his verse over the phone a few days later, and the rest is history.

Fear dynamics

There is nothing unhealthy or antisocial about fear. Millions of men across the globe are God-fearing men. They are held in high regard by many of their peers despite a 12% drop in Christian-identifying Americans from 2009-2019. Dr. Theo Tsaousides, writing for Psychology Today in 2015, said fear is healthy. Fear is normal. It is not a sign a weakness. Fear is hard-wired in every human being. It must be leveraged, not eliminated, Dr. Tsaousides wrote. J. Ivy understands that concept.

“Fear, stress and anxiety will stunt your creative growth,” he said. “You must constantly remind yourself of that mental fortitude, spiritual fortitude, and just stay conscious and aware of where you’re at and where you’re going.”

Ivy, like most successful men, has achieved and sustained conscious command for most of his adult life. He said riding his bike and writing are two activities that have a similar effect on him as meditation. Ivy gets to the alpha brain wavelength naturally because he was a shy kid with little self-confidence. He became a deep thinker as a result. His early grasp of conscious command helped him manifest his dreams into reality.

“Even in the conscious world, we have the ability to construct how we want to maneuver and move forward,” he said. “If you don’t deal with your emotions, your emotions will deal with you.”

They say I can’t, but now I must

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