August 4, 2020

Strong minds and strong bodies set men up for maximum success and prosperity. Mindset training can be done from anywhere. Many men use their local gyms to keep their bodies in shape. Unfortunately there are many jurisdictions where gyms are shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly all of California.

You can get a full body workout right from your home with very little to no equipment. Of course make sure you stretch before beginning any workout.

Jumping jacks

Some people erroneously credit the “invention” of jumping jacks to World War I U.S. Army General John “Black Jack” Pershing. He used the exercise as a calisthenic for soldiers. But jumping jacks get their name from children’s toys that ancient Egyptians developed. They were either puppets or paper dolls that made the same motion people do now for the exercise. The British call them “star jumps.”

Jumping jacks improve bone density and of course burn a lot of calories depending on pace and number. Those with bad knees can bend them slightly during the exercise to alleviate some of the pressure. Jumping jacks are also great for toning your arms, glutes and calf muscles.

Pushup variations

The traditional pushup is perhaps the most common exercise done outside of gyms. There are several variations, however, that work different parts of the body.

Wide-grip pushups isolate the shoulders more. Close-grip works the triceps. Decline pushups are done with your feet on a chair. Those isolate the upper chest and shoulders. The clap pushup is used by boxers and other competitive fighters. It greatly improves explosiveness and power. The Spider-Man pushup (below) works your core and hips muscles, along with your chest.

Abdominal workout

Traditional situps are done with either your hands on your chest or on the sides of your head. The key to developing strong, toned abs iis good reps that results in a burning sensation when you’re finished. If you cannot do complete setups, simply do crunches, meaning flexing your abs and raising your torso as far as possible and returning to that lying down position for each rep.

Lying leg raises isolate the lower abs that ultimately lead to the “8-pack.”

The jackknife situp is a lying leg raise where you also lift your shoulders off the ground and extend your arms upwards so they are parallel with your legs. These also isolate the lower abs.

The breakdancer

Some fitness instructors call these “sit-outs.” But its simply more fun and hip to call them breakdancers. Get on all fours, hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Slightly lift your knees off the ground. Keep your butt low and swing the right leg under the torso while rotating your body.

This takes some getting used to. Once you master it, the breakdancer is a near-complete workout, targeting the shoulders, chest, glutes and core.


Funny name notwithstanding, burpees are a full-body workout that improve endurance and strength. Your abs, butt, legs, arms, chest and shoulders are targeted with burpees. Start in a standing position. Squat and kick your legs outward. Complete a pushup and return your legs to the original position. Straighten your body and jump.

Repeat this until you cannot do anymore. You’ll burn a lot of calories and tone your entire body.

Mindset training

The ALPHA by Prodigy Mindset Gym™ does for your conscious mindset what the foregoing exercises do for the rest of your body. The program works in 21-day intervals to help men connect to their mid-frequency alpha brain wavelength. Said waves correspond with calm, relaxation and creativity. Achieving conscious command means taking control of your alpha wavelength.

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