August 18, 2020

Masculine vigor and cerebral potential are the primary themes associated with the energy from the Leo New Moon. The celestial event commences tonight, August 18, around 10:46 p.m. Eastern Time. That’s August 19 at 2:46 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

This lunar phase happens when the Sun, Moon and Earth are lined up, with the moon in the middle. It results in an extremely narrow, faint, crescent-shaped moon. New moons are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to see with the unaided eye. New moons are not unusual. They happen about every 29.53 days. But this lunar phase during fire signs like Leo brings more passion and enthusiasm. The digestive tract, pancreas and small intestine are all influenced by the Leo New Moon. In other words, your gut and intuition are about to get a major boost.

New moons in general are times to reflect. It is also reassessment time for your current tract in life. Perhaps your plans for the next few days, months and even years are no longer viable and changes are in order. It’s also time to celebrate and reinforce what is working in life as far as career, relationships and health. Those born during a new moon tend to avoid attention and crowds. They are the type that would rather start something new than finish something they’ve already started. New moons babies are more likely to be single than someone born on a full moon. They save themselves for the perfect person, one who may not even exist.

Darkness defines new moons. The Leo New Moon, however, is a time of light, aspiration and ambition. The moon affects ocean tides via gravitational pull. It works in much the same way with our emotions, our dreams and our conscious mind.

Establish intentions and fulfill them

Record heat (Death Valley, California reached 130 degree Fahrenheit on Sunday) and COVID-19 have many men feeling trapped and hopeless. There won’t be another period in 2020 where celestial energy is readily available to provide extra push and motivation to end the rut. Many men are likely feeling a new energy now and are unclear where it’s coming from. It is your Internal Monologue System (IMS) feeding off the Leo New Moon and sending you positive vibes.

Now is the time to pursue passion projects and ideas that you’ve sketched out on napkins. This luminary is the time to face and conquer fears. Take command of your most creative ideas and impossible dreams. Self-care is also important at this time. Devoted fathers and husbands often place the wants and needs of their wife and children before their own. Give yourself a rest from work, childcare and household duties. Get a haircut, some new glasses, or that new compound bow you’ve been eyeing at the outdoors store.

Different signs are affected differently by the Leo New Moon. Tauruses value their living spaces. Use the energy to rearrange furniture, add a new rug, or a few plants. Geminis are social beings. Hang out with your closest friends who have been neglected due to other responsibilities. Pisces are manifesting fantasies into reality. They are re-thinking personal goals and adjusting them accordingly with the times.

Commence Conscious Command

The ALPHA by Prodigy Mindset Gym™Â places men in a perpetual Leo New Moon state of consciousness. Mid-frequency alpha waves are the mechanisms that facilitate and execute the creative, relaxing and innovative centers of the brain. Conscious command is achieved when you can call on these alpha brainwaves at will. The 21-day training cycles focus on repetitions that activate the IMS and continually encourage positivity and tranquility.

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