September 11, 2020

The U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 8.4% for August, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s good news considering unemployment shot up to 14.7% in April due to coronavirus and nationwide shutdowns. It’s been steadily declining since that time. But the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are yet to be experienced.

Researchers at the UNLV Boyd School of Law estimate that nearly 500,000 people will be displaced in Las Vegas when the statewide eviction moratorium expires on October 15. Governor Steve Sisolak has extended the moratorium three times now, effectively delaying inevitable chaos. Seven of Nevada’s top 11 employers are casinos and hotels. Las Vegas visitor volume was down 70% in June 2020 compared to June 2019, according to government data. A genuine, forceful plan is needed to stave off inevitable chaos.

San Francisco is another city that is going to look very different for years to come. Zillow reported in August that available residential properties in the city rose by 96% year-over-year, with prices 5% lower. San Francisco is arguably the technology capital of the world and definitely one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. Many Bay Area tech giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter, have signaled permanent work-from-home arrangements for their employees. Tech workers are leaving the city for less expensive locales as a result. The mass exodus has the potential to completely transform the look and feel of San Francisco.

These two examples can be applied to every town in the country. Meanwhile civil unrest, protests, riots and political strife have persisted for months since the pandemic began. Now is the time to stop referring to prepare-type people as “conspiracy theorists” and start positioning yourself and family to weather and survive the potential storms ahead.

Renewable and portable energy

There are two options for this. A high-quality, 2,000 watt generator will run your refrigerator, lights and a few other appliances if necessary. These can be had for under $1,000. Of course you need gasoline for generators, which may become unavailable. The other option is solar panels and batteries. Two, 200-watt panels, four 6-volt deep cycle batteries (run in series), a charge controller and an inverter gives you perpetual energy in the event of blackouts. That’s enough power to keep your food cold and your lights on.

Solar stills

Human beings can live 30 days or longer without food. But we can only live 5-7 days max with no water, and even less in extremely hot conditions. A solar still is a very simple, yet potentially life-saving apparatus. There are a few different ways to get these up. But if done correctly, you can turn ocean water and even urine into drinking water. Here are a couple examples.


Mass homelessness, unemployment and forced lockdowns are the perfect storm for increased crime. A hungry person is a desperate person who will do anything to eat. Make sure to review firearm possession laws in your state and get proper training if you’re new to firearms. But every home needs at least one handgun and one rifle to protect your castle and family. You may also need to take down a deer, javelina or some other animal for emergency food.

Get to know your neighbors

As cool as bugging out into the mountains sounds, it’s simply unrealistic for most people. Thus a disturbing trend needs to change ASAP. A 2018 Pew survey found that only 31% of Americans know all or most of their neighbors. Take the initiative to organize backyard get-togethers with your neighbors. Ultimately it takes strong communities to get through economic turmoil. The better neighbors know each others, the better off your community will be when the SHTF.

Master you alpha brain wavelength

Men are facing more adversity and uncertainty than at any point since the Great Depression. Nobody truly knows what the future holds because of the COVID-19 pandemic and all the residual effects thereof. Every man must discover and take command of his alpha brain wavelength to give himself and family the best chance to come out of the pandemic the same or better.

The ALPHA by Prodigy Mindset™ Gym guides men to conscious command by exercising the brain in a similar fashion as you do muscles at a fitness center. Just like 10 reps on the bench press will tone and strengthen your pectorals, your Internal Monologue System (IMS) strengthens the self, your reflective consciousness. Men achieve conscious command when they gain control of their alpha brain wavelengths and maximize their potential.

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