March 17, 2020

You cannot turn on a television or log onto a news website without seeing something about coronavirus. COVID-19 is the strain of this virus that has infected 196,770 worldwide as of March 17, according to the World Health Organization. China and Italy account for nearly 60% of those cases. The United States is reporting 5,500 cases. Eighty eight Americans have died from the virus, with half being from Washington State.

Unprecedented measures are taking place, despite mixed opinions and emotions surrounding the virus. The Wuhan Province of China is the epicenter of COVID-19. The first case was diagnosed in late December. Infections peaked in February. Most of the area was shut down and quarantined to avoid further infection. Today most of the province and country are operating as normal. Apple closed all of its stores in China last month. They all reopened this past Friday, according to Reuters reports.

U.S. officials are treating coronavirus like wartime conditions despite the positive developments in China. The entire city of San Francisco is quarantined. Several states have delayed or cancelled their primaries for the 2020 Presidential Election. The NHL and NBA have suspended their seasons indefinitely. March Madness was also cancelled. Most public schools in the country are closed until further notice, as are most Las Vegas casinos.

The realities in the United States remain the same whether you’re in the “buy 1,000 rolls of toilet paper” or the “it will pass soon” camps. Now is a good time for men to provide some extra attention to their fatherly and husband duties. Single guys also have the opportunity to invest in themselves and potential relationships.


Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, Russell Simmons, Rupert Murdoch and Arnold Schwarzenegger all have two things in common. Each reached the pinnacles in their respective fields. All of them also practice daily meditation.

Mindful meditation, transcendental meditation and yoga are the three different types. Just type “meditation techniques” into Youtube and watch videos from the experts. This is more than adequate for beginners to introduce themselves to the practice.

Learn a new skill

Generation Z and young Millennials are sharper than Generation X and Baby Boomers when it comes to technology. That’s not because of better brain functionality or higher IQ’s. It’s simply because younger folks know about the “open learning” phenomenon.

Codecademy teaches everything from C++ and Javascript to CSS free online. Udemy, Udacity, edX and Khan Academy offer courses in everything from business administration and the sciences, to trades and investing. Most of the courses are offered through major universities free of charge. You don’t earn degrees or certificate. But you do gain valuable knowledge.

Cook a special dinner

Newlyweds and men entering new relationships can melt their special woman’s heart this way. Recipes are easily found online or perhaps in your grandmother’s old cookbook buried in your bedroom closet.

Sunday gravy (spaghetti sauce) is impressive because it takes hours of prep and cooking time. Seafood lovers have the option of simpler dishes like shrimp scampi or crab cakes.

Catch up with the kids

Men understand that our first responsibility is the well-being of our families. That sometimes means working very long hours and missing out on all those priceless family milestone that happen only once.

Watch movies with the kids. Do individual activities with them as well. Build a model car with your son, and sit at your daughter’s play kitchen table for a dinner date.

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