Boys To Men: Traditional rites of passage in tribal culture August 11, 2020 Most American boys prior to the turn of the millennium got the same lecture from their fathers in some form or fashion. A bully was picking on them at school and they came home crying. Dad told them to punch the bully in the nose. No matter what happened from that ….  Read More

Gym Closed? 5 exercises you can do from home without equipment August 4, 2020 Strong minds and strong bodies set men up for maximum success and prosperity. Mindset training can be done from anywhere. Many men use their local gyms to keep their bodies in shape. Unfortunately there are many jurisdictions where gyms are shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly all of California. ….  Read More

3 tips for eliminating negative self-talk August 3, 2020 Human beings, at least those in Western 21st century world, are naturally wired to harness negative energy. The National Science Foundation estimates that then average person has upwards of 60,000 thoughts per day. Not only are about 80% of said thoughts negative, but are also the same negative thoughts from the ….  Read More

Lev Vygotsky: brief history on the father of self-talk July 28, 2020 Soviet revolutionary and politician Leon Trotsky was staunchly anti-capitalist. He believed social classes cause perpetual struggle. His goal was to end such divisions with Marxist principles. He believed social classes inhibited conscious connection and turned people into servants of materialism. His views on the foregoing, which he called “reshaping of man” ….  Read More

J. Ivy: “Fear kills dreams” July 27, 2020 One of the most common reasons people don’t start their own businesses is fear of failure. Data compiled by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor in 2018 found that 33% of Americans were fearful of starting a business. The fear of leaving a stable 9-5 job with benefits prevents millions of men from ….  Read More

COVID-19: The “new normal” is conscious command July 21, 2020 It took the coronavirus pandemic a while to sink in for many men. The first wake-up calls came in March when the NBA postponed its season indefinitely. The NCAA cancelled March Madness entirely, sending shock waves through the sports and gambling industries. Individual lives and well-beings started feeling the effects too ….  Read More

Ophiuchus: NASA did not recently “discover” a 13th constellation July 16, 2020 The headlines from numerous news sources and tabloids have ranged from ridiculous to hilarious., the top news site in Australia, wrote in a subheading below the headline of their July 16 article, “[A]fter NASA found a 13th star sign, the entire zodiac chart was thrown out of whack.” The Daily ….  Read More

Instant gratification, shortcut culture curtails personal development July 14, 2020 The best Italian chefs in the world say that a good Sunday gravy (aka spaghetti sauce) takes at least five hours of simmering to maximize flavor. Ragu and Prego are the choices for the impatient and hurried. Close friends living in different cities or states used to sit down and hand-write ….  Read More

Astrology: Important Men Use The Cosmos For Important Decisions July 12, 2020 The turn of the 21st century was a time of astrological awakening for many Americans based on statistics. A 1999 survey by the National Science Foundation found that 12% of Americans read their horoscopes everyday. Another 32% said they read horoscopes occasionally. The American Federation of Astrologers estimated in 2015 that ….  Read More